Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The Words

The Vision

June Musing

The Poetry

Mama. Family.
And then she's gone. Grief erupts.
Sympathy. Strength. Growth.

The Motivation

This one is hard. My mom died on May 31st. I really didn’t want to pick the five words, and I’m not sure I want to write this. Over the past almost three weeks I’ve found that sometimes writing helps, sometimes it just brings more tears.

People have come out of the woodworks with sympathy. All of the cards, calls, emails, messages, texts, and visits have meant so much to me and my family. People offer sympathy in many different ways, all of them meaningful and appreciated.

I’ve had to pull strength that I didn’t know I had. As have others who were close to my mom. It’s amazing how the mind and body cope with grief, stress, and death. Each one unique, but similar still.

I find myself wanting to pick up the phone and talk to her about everything…and nothing at all. Ironically, my mom is the one person who could have comforted me during such a devastating situation. She is who I would have turned to, told her how I was feeling, all the details. I will never forget the details from that day.  I need my mama.