Sunday, January 29, 2012


The Words


The Vision

February Musing

The Poetry

I have a long list
Dreadful words we must banish
Crazy is on it

Loving companion
They keep saying I need one 
I'd prefer a cat

I hate that feeling
The one of being in love
World swirling, helpless

Memories fleeting
As the darkness rushes in
Panic stricken eyes

Win, lose, draw, forfeit
So what's all the living for
The hug of the one

The Motivation

Well, it’s February. And what happens every February? That’s right, Valentine’s Day. Through the years I’ve had mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. The early years when you gave and received cards and candy hearts to the members of your elementary school classes. The middle years when you ordered carnations to send to friends in your high school class. My early twenties when I was married and things were “good”. Then at 30, when the last Valentine’s Day that I was married was one of the biggest fights we ever had and I decided I wanted out. Yep, it’s been a mixed bag of good and bad.

Now, I have a relationship that is respectful, loving, and God-willing, will last a lifetime. Yep, I’ve definitely hit the relationship jackpot. Though hitting an actual jackpot wouldn’t be too bad either!

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  1. good stuff by all of you. when do we go to H(.Y.)TERS?