Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The Words


The Vision
March Musing

The Poetry

I used to have dreams,
Painted visages, day, night,
Better than reality.

Nature taunts me now.
Is what I remember real?
Or a stray fragment?

Misplaced neighborly
Nonsense, those things I forget.
Who's to know anyway?

Normal: Not a word
I'd use to describe these dreams,
Shadows fleeting truth.

Walk, scared in twilight.
So did I, or did I not?
We might never know.

The Motivation

Why did I select these words? Well, as with the other months, it’s because of personal life as well as world events. Weather in NC and the US in general has been freaky, to say the least. This month it seems NC skipped straight from winter to summer, and the tornadoes, blizzards, drought, and flooding elsewhere in the US is non-stop. The towns that need rain don’t have it. The Midwest gets tornadoes. The list goes on.  Just this morning we awoke to thunder and lightning, followed by a rainbow. Though it never fails; in times of weather emergencies the community comes together to help their neighbors. It’s inspiring.

I’ve been having very vivid dreams lately. Not sure why… Something I ate before bed? Something I saw on TV? Stress? Who knows, but I don’t like it. Is it normal to dream like this? Is anything I do normal? I began asking myself this question last month and started a blog to document random happenings just for fun.

And lastly, this month I’m scared that my next marriage will end up like my first. Not in a “cold-feet-I-want-to-back-out” sort of way but in a “please-dear-Lord-let’s-get-it-right” sort of way. Fingers crossed, that feeling is normal.


  1. Dreams are our way of keeping us thinking, growing & expanding our vision! You're entering a new phase so your mind is busy busy busy!

    Don't worry Shannon - you will have a wonderful marriage because you both are such good people & such good partners to one another.

    Just remember, it costs you nothing to say "I love you" & "I'm sorry". There is no pride in love.

    I think you have so many wonderful gifts and you and Jim will open them together as you move forward. I wish you everything good in life.

    Much love,

    1. Shannon
      You and Jim are meant for each other and don't ever doubt that. I don't think I've ever met 2 more giving and loving individuals-and I'm not saying that because I'm your mother. Each of you always puts the other one first. Neither of you rushed into this marriage and I feel if it weren't gonna work one of you would have "backed out" by now. Another thing-your dad is so happy and has so much respect for Jim.