Thursday, April 5, 2012


The Words


The Vision

April Musing

The Poetry

Where do I begin?
If there is a beginning.
Circles have many.

Yet we pick a start.
It really doesn't matter.
And we celebrate.

We rejoice in growth.
At least when it's what we like.
We are weird that way.

It's our obsession.
Our fascination with change.
Though it might kill us.

Then we add a spouse.
That font of high blood pressure.
Can we do it twice?

The Motivation

This month I’m celebrating new beginnings. One which I knew about at the time of choosing the five words, and one which popped up recently (more on that one later).

Some of you may have read about my obsession over details for the wedding. Luckily, everything went off without a hitch. I credit my OCD obsessing and of course the help of numerous friends and family. We could NOT have done it without their help!

Having a spouse to understand my obsessions, grow through life together, and accept me for who I am is priceless.

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