Saturday, May 5, 2012


The Words


The Vision
May Musing

The Poetry

Bittersweet chivalry
Hot mess in the morning rain
Tequila (makes) panties (fall off).

The Motivation

The day I chose these words was a Saturday, May 5th, so one of the words is obvious! I love me some tequila and what better day to drink it than Cinco de Mayo. Bring on the lime and the salt, it’s time for shots! Last year I learned a new way to take tequila shots. Check it out.

Another event happened on the day I chose these words. Just before leaving the house to drink some tequila (of course) with friends it began to pour down rain. You’ve heard about the guys who lay their coats down over puddles and hold open your door, etc., I just never thought I’d have one. Ok, the coat over the puddle is extreme, but on this Saturday, with rivers of rain in the front yard, and me in a long skirt, my hubby ran out and backed the truck into the driveway so the passenger door would be closest to me coming out of the house. i.e., less time for Shanpie in the rain. And all without me having to ask or hint. That is my idea of chivalry.

I hinted last month about another new beginning. Yes, there was the wedding, but while on my honeymoon I found out I got a new job. So I put in my two weeks and began the countdown of my last days at a place I’d worked for 12 years. This was bittersweet in every sense of the word. So fun to be starting in a new place. So sad to be leaving such great people and some true friends.

I don’t remember why I chose the word hot. Maybe the tequila killed too many brain cells that day.

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  1. I just love to read how these words come to life. (and the month isn't over yet)